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What we provide

Our portfolio of products and services is as comprehensive as our daily efforts: we work in order to keep your production running.

We know that each individual element of our systems is itself crucial for the system as a whole. In order to meet the highest standards at all times, only engineers and technicians with a great deal of experience in the industry plan and construct our systems. We have at our disposal years of process knowledge in the field of surface technology.

Taking into consideration the customer requirements, we design a suitable system concept. In combination with the addition of fitting subcomponents, the systems designed by us achieve the best possible cost-effectiveness in the process cycles and stand for the highest efficiency and eco-friendliness.

It is extremely important to us that we serve our customers comprehensively and on a long term basis. The highest possible standard of service and advice is therefore a matter of course for us. Both the installation of the system and the commissioning are only a part of our wide range of offered services. Our team of experts, with their extensive experience in the industry, ensures a smooth operation.

Should you require any further assistance, we will gladly train your users: in an uncomplicated way, directly at your location.

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Your task - our solution

Due to our many years of experience and sector-specific competence, we are able to find the right solution package to meet your individual requirements.

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