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System building - your requirements, our solutions

Systems for surface technology are as individual as is their usage. A matter for the specialists.

System building

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians is available for the planning and implementation of individual surface technology systems - with their special focus on industry and their expert knowledge of processes.

Our staff analyze the framework conditions and carry out a cost-benefit analysis - always involving the customer and taking into consideration the requirements of the customer, itemized in detail. What results is a concept of the system as well as the compilation of the subcomponents. In this way we can achieve the absolute maximum of system efficiency.

Our range of services naturally also comprises the installation and commissioning of the surface technology system. Our specialists assemble the components, carry out the fine tuning and so ensure the smooth operation of the system. In addition, we also train the system operators on site.






Your task - our solution

Due to our many years of experience and sector-specific competence, we are able to find the right solution package to meet your individual requirements.

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