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Spraying devices

When we speak of „finishing“, we refer to the various steps in the process of painting respectively coating up to the finished surface. With regard to the painting of vehicles, for example, these steps could be the filler coat, the primer, the topcoat and the clear coat. 



Products and industry solutions

Our range of different spraying devices are suitable for application in widely varying industries. These include in particular the sectors metal finishing, woodworking, manufacturing of machinery and vehicles as well as corrosion protection. Included in our delivery range are, amongst others, air-operated diaphragm pump spraying devices, piston pump spraying devices, air-assisted Airless spraying devices and HVLP turbines.


1K paint spraying system

  • different versions 
  • robust construction 
  • easy operation 
  • fast colour change 
  • high quality finishing
 Painting and finishing
 Polyurea &


 2K 3K- paint systems

  • different combinations 
  • different versions 
  • easy operation 
  • flexible or fixed mixing ratios 
  • homogenous blending of the materials

 Painting and


Giving advice

Giving advice







We will gladly give you advice per phone concerning our product and sector-specific solutions. 

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