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Polyurea & polyurethane

Successful in the coating industry

Polyurea, polyurethane and PUR-foams are just 3 typical examples of „FastSet“ materials. The main characteristic of these materials is the extremely short reaction times - sometimes only in the region of seconds.

High pressure and temperatures are required in order to apply these substances. FluidSystems has watched the market intensively in order to include the best special equipment for you in our portfolio.




Applications and requirements

Polyurea and PUR coating

  • water retention basins
  • biogas plants 
  • foundation sealing 
  • flat roof coating 
  • concrete coating and steel pipe coating 
  • parking deck surfaces 
  • offshore conveyors


  • heat and cold insulation
  • building insulation 
  • vehicle manufacture 
  • mould construction



Product range

Our portfolio in the field of the coating industry comprises the following products:

spraying devices



Giving advice

Giving advice


We will gladly give you advice per phone concerning our product and sector-specific solutions. 

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