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Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

We know all about sensitive areas

For the pharmaceutical sector, which we are currently expanding, we construct systems for diff erent liquid and viscous products. There are slightly different requirements regarding the production of ointments, cremes and gel-like products. However, the preconditions allowing the manufacture of these products is comparable with those governing the food sector.

Our portfolio fully meets all the criteria and is, in addition, certified in accordance with FDA. All devices which are used in this area have been constructed without any clearance volume, are easy to clean and have been assembled totally without the use of oil.



Applications and requirements

Recirculation / conveyance

  • use in production lines 
  • feeding from filling stations 
  • conveyance of different viscosities 
  • certified in accordance with FDA 
  • easy disassembly 
  • lubricant-free operation


  • automatic feeding 
  • conveyance from central supply 
  • easy disassembly 
  • certified in accordance with FDA



Product range

Our portfolio for applications in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics comprises the following product lines:



RAM systems

and metering




Giving advice

Giving advice


We will gladly give you advice per phone concerning our product and sector-specific solutions. 

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