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Painting and finishing

We perform brilliantly

When we speak of „finishing“, we refer to the various steps in the process of painting up to the finished surface. With regard to the painting of vehicles for example, these steps could be the filler coat, the primer, the topcoat and the clear coat.

Typical finishing techniques are the atomizing, HVLP, air assisted airless and electrostatic spraying processes. In the case of multi-component systems, the task of the system is to optimally dose, mix and apply two or three components of a compound formula.

The FluidSystems supply programme incorporates both mechanical and electronic systems. The latter are also approved for use in Ex protection areas. Furthermore, our systems are also capable of analyzing different material consumption, saving up to 90 formulas or determining the solvent consumption according to the VOC directive - just as examples.




Applications and requirements


  • several process steps perfectly aligned with each other 
  • different consumables 
  • different surface finishing


  • solvent consumption according to the VOC directives 
  • multiple formulas 
  • approved for Atex 
  • WHG approval 
  • manual and automatic applications

Water-based / solvent-based colour systems

  • quick colour changes




Product range

Our portfolio for applications in the fi eld of painting and finishing comprises the following product lines:


spraying devices




colour systems

stirring devices

pressure vessels


Giving advice

Giving advice


We will gladly give you advice per phone concerning our product and sector-specific solutions. 

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