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Lubricating, oiling and greasing

Your operations run smoothly with our solutions

Along with industrial applications, the cnveyance and dosing of lubricants is above all required in the trades and repair shops. 

FluidSystems supplies the complete Graco programme of oil pumps and devices covering the transmission ratio of 1:1 to 10:1.

We also have available grease pumps with a transmission ratio of 50:1 to 75:1. To complete our product range, we also provide roll-up hoses and filling valves for oil and grease.



Applications and requirements

Lubricating / oiling

  • conveyance of lubricants 
  • workshops 
  • dealer oil change and service 
  • lubricant vehicles 
  • materials: mineral oils and synthetic oils


  • medium to high pressures, small to medium quantities of grease 
  • maintenance of vehicle fleets 
  • mining 
  • production facilities 
  • materials: grease up to NLGI grade 2



Product range

Our portfolio for applications in the field of lubricants, oils and grease comprises the following product lines:





RAM systems    


Giving advice

Giving advice


We will gladly give you advice per phone concerning our product and sector-specific solutions. 

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