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Corrosion protection

With our solutions, even old iron isn’t for the scrap heap

When we talk of protective coating, we refer, among other things, to applying a material in order to protect the surface from corrosion with the aid of spray guns.

With particular regard to machines and devices which are exposed to extreme environmental influences, the protective coating extends the service life dramatically. 

Products with protective coating are generally given one thick layer.




Applications and requirements

Shipbuilding and ship renovation

  • high level of mobility
  • weather protection
  • resistance to breaks and falls


  • availability in extreme weather condit ions
  • reliability in highly corrosive environments
  • mechanical robustness

Construction steel

  • uninterrupted operation
  • high level of mobility
  • weather protection
  • mechanical robustness



Product range

Our portfolio for applications in the field of corrosion protection comprises the following product lines:

mobile sprying



Giving advice

Giving advice


We will gladly give you advice per phone concerning our product and sector-specific solutions. 

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