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Employees and values

Only those who look after their employees, surroundings and environment are in a position to operate sustainably.


Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our times. FluidSystems is committed to the principles of sustainable business.

Our relationships to our employees, suppliers and business partners are based on fairness and respect. On top of this, we support the protection of both the environment and resources and our daily business is geared to uphold these basic principles.

The systems developed by us ensure not only economy in our customers’ process sequences. They also ensure a great deal more energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Additionally, we take our social responsibility seriously and, as actions speak louder than words, we provide training. It is clear to us that a sustainable quality guarantee can only function by offering education and vocational training to staff.

We want our employees to feel comfortable in our company. This includes aspects such as job security, attractive work time schemes, a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity for each member of staff to be actively involved.

This type of business environment is important to us. If you want to promote a high standard of motivation, creativity and knowledge for the benefit of the customer, you have to first lay the necessary foundations.

True to our maxim: complex processes - intelligent solutions.






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